What is a "sneak peek" and why would you even need one? A sneak peek is a small preview of your wedding day, just a sampling of images, presented to you before you receive your full gallery.

Most couples *think* they'll have no problem waiting the 6-8 weeks it may take to receive their full gallery, but then they're literally chomping at the bit the minute the day is over and they leave for the honeymoon. I don't want you spending $10,000 on a week in Fiji glued to your phone in anticipation of that first glimpse (refresh . . . refresh . . . refresh . . . ).

Different photographers offer sneak peeks differently, and we'll discuss exactly what you can expect before your day. Some photographers offer private galleries with just an image or two. Others post publicly on social media and include up to 100 images or more. Some offer them complimentarily, others only with a charge.

I've found that posting 30-40 images is enough to satiate for the moment but keep you excited to see many more. I promise no fewer than 25 as part of the sneak peek.

I aim to give you a broad look at your day and select highlights from beginning to end. I don't aim to focus on one part of the day, one group of people, or any one theme.


The most obvious benefit to having a sneak peek is to end the torment of having to wait!

I deliver full resolution sneak peeks in a private gallery within one week of you wedding day so you can use them to print thank you cards, announce your marriage, send them to vendors, share privately with family and friends, or post online. This gives you a glimpse into the overall editing style and approach to the wedding so you'll know what you can expect when the rest of the gallery arrives.

I encourage you to share the images online and with friends and family. They're all eagerly awaiting (despite the many images taken on their phones). Feel free to post on social media and tag me, vendors, family, and friends. The more the merrier and I appreciate the nod and marketing hit.


A lot goes into creating sneak peeks. It may seem like a few images just "magically appear," but it entails a modified workflow and takes foresight and additional hours of time to bring these to life.

In years past, I've spent countless hours on tight timelines with other looming deadlines preparing sneak peeks that clients never even viewed. I've also had clients ask me literally 12 hours after the ceremony if their entire gallery of images were ready yet?!

To ensure we're all on the same page and that this is a service of value to you, I offer sneak peeks for a nominal charge. Because this alters how I edit and organize your gallery, this choice is available in advance of your wedding day.

We'll discuss the details at our initial consultation to ensure you only get what you need and aren't unnecessarily charged for what you don't. While totally optional, I strongly recommend this add-on service as a way to begin enjoying the memory of your day right away.