Recently, I had to do the thing I hate doing the most at a wedding. I had to approach the Mother-of-the-Bride just as the cake was being cut to let her know that the 8 hours she contracted me for was almost up. It was almost 8:00 and the I could have told you at 3:00 that we would end up here. Things were not on track from early on. The ceremony started 45 minutes late. The cocktail hour lasted an hour and a half. The whole day was running waaay behind.

It often does. It's a wedding. Things happen. People are late. Keys get lost. Flower girls have meltdowns. The witness to sign the marriage license is nowhere to be found. Even with best laid plans and a fabulous day-of wedding planner, it's just too easy for your wedding day to run longer than you plan.

Despite this, your wedding day should be filled with joy and love, not worry and dread. You've worked and planned and spent so much to enjoy the day. You haven't seen your college roommate in like forever. This may be one of the last special moments you have with elderly Aunt Jane. You look amazing in that gorgeous gown and you're feeling all the love. And nothing like a buzz kill of your photographer asking for more money during what should be a memorable moment in all the other ways (vinyl record screech!).

So, I'm eliminating the pain of "watching the clock" by offering FULL DAY BOOKINGS. It's your day, the entire day. That means when you book me, I won't ask you how many hours you'd like me to photograph. You won't have to decide if I should "start early" or "stay late." Because we won't be watching the clock. I won't remind you how much I charge for "overtime." I won't be secretly giving the DJ the stink eye to hurry things along. And you won't see an ugly day-after invoice for extra time.

We'll talk about specifics when we meet. I'm human and I'm going to need a sip of water from time to time . . . nothing more than I do now . . . and I won't be arriving to photographing you wake up at 5:30 a.m. You get the idea. But know that I recognize it's your wedding day ALL DAY and I want my service to you to be one of the most enjoyable and memorable parts of your event.

I'll to be with you to tell your whole story, beginning to end.