Selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most critical choices for your wedding. It is one of the most enduring choices you'll make as a newly-married couple.  Surely, you have an abundance of choice.  We know this and we're enormously grateful for your consideration. We encourage you to speak with us as well as a few other photographers as everyone's style, approach, and level of service differs. Here are a few important elements to consider when selecting the right photographer for your day.


You're selecting more than just a photographer for your wedding day.  You're hiring a companion, an advisor, a trusted storyteller.  Personality matters!  We come to you with true servant's hearts.  We laugh with you, cry with you, and become an indelible part of your day. 

Your wedding photographer can set the emotional tone.  Karen is a true "people person," making friends and sharing laughter with almost everyone she meets.  Warm and outgoing, she looks forward to getting to know what makes you you, to hearing your story as a couple, and to celebrating your two families becoming one. She also knows that this is your day. She aims to be as unobtrusive as possible as she captures the day unfold.


Price is one factor to consider when selecting your wedding photographer, but it should by no means be the major consideration.  Your wedding is a big investment.  Hire a photographer dedicated to honoring and protecting it.  When all is said and done -- the guests go home, the food is eaten, the flowers wilt, and your dress is preserved away -- the photographs are the only tangible part of your wedding that remains. Too often, horror stories emerge when an inexperienced, under-resourced low-cost photographer is involved. Penny wise, in this instance, is truly pound foolish.

Select a photographer who invests in her business, with professional equipment, back-up equipment, skilled associates, insurance, proper legal protection, storage and backup, editing and post-production, strong vendor relationships, as well as experience and skill to anticipate and respond to your needs.  Further, choose someone who has spent decades honing her craft and mastering creative and technical skills to tell your story artfully. Karen brings 17 + years and has worked with literally thousands of clients. She hires only vetted and experienced associate photographers on her team.


Be sure to choose a wedding photographer whose offerings meet your needs. Often, photography collections offer too much (you pay for what you don't need) or too little (forcing you to add on services to truly meet the needs of your day). While there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to wedding photography offerings, select a pricing model that allows you to create the experience and deliverables right for you.

We offer a base service collection that includes six hours of coverage and may extend up to 12 hours on your wedding day.  We offer flexible coverage as little as 4 hours for weekday elopement sessions in Southeast Michigan and as much as a full multi-day weekend affair anywhere in the world. Each experience includes a wide range of optional services and fine artful presentation pieces. Every experience includes wall art and album credit because we believe so strongly in the power of the printed work.

Because we understand that weddings are truly family affairs, we go above and beyond with exceptional offerings, including a premium leather archival print album with parent albums matching in exact size and specification (not a diminutive version of the "real deal"), bespoke hand-crafted album display and transport totes, a bound wedding guest book featuring engagement portraits, among an array of stunning display products.

Our bridal portrait session is its own affair with complimentary professional hair, makeup, and silk floral arrangement. We know how important the dress is and how the day can pass by like a blur, sometimes leaving little time to focus on this important piece. Either before the wedding day or after, we'll recreate you looking and feeling as gorgeous as envision yourself to be.


Don’t underestimate the importance of owning printed photography from your wedding. This is your first heirloom as a married couple and will endure as a lasting symbol of your love for generations to come.  Select a photographer who has sourced the highest quality and most artful albums to tell your story.  We've researched hundreds of options and selected three albums with a range of design and upgrade options.

At the end of the day, you are investing in artwork for your home. Owning the digital proofs offers psychological reassurance, but nothing ignites the senses like masterfully-printed custom-framed large wall art or stunning album on display.  Be sure to select a photographer who has spent the time sourcing and understanding the right products and finishes to meet your needs, as well as one who can execute flawlessly. 

Our studio specializes in wall art. We undergo a meticulous multi-step process with clients to ensure a perfected finish product. We are so proud of our work that we offer a lifetime quality guarantee.


Most weddings can benefit from at least two photographers to ensure complete coverage.  No one person can be in two places at once and there is so much going on in your day. Plus, stories benefit from a multitude of angles and creative approaches. Karen personally photographs every wedding she books. She does NOT outsource the most important part of your day to a cheap "newbie" to turn a quick a profit. Upon request, we offer additional seasoned associate photographers at your request to ensure complete coverage on your day.


We all want to be treated like a VIP. We can all sense when we're just "a number" or low on the totem pole, or when a business simply doesn't care. Karen and her team go out of their way to serve clients with the utmost care and concern and to ensure a smooth, enjoyable day. Karen responds to all inquiries in a timely manner, communicates terms and pricing in simple, clearly-written form, guides clients through the many options and ideas to customized your experiences in a zero-pressure environment, arrives promptly, dressed for the occasion, ready to give 110% energy and effort for the day. She prides herself in working well with others, including bridal parties, family and friends, vendors, and staff. She works diligently to deliver images in a timely way, and guides you through creative design and delivery from beginning to end.


In sum, it's important to consider the elements most important to you. We encourage you to speak with several photographers, ask them pointed questions, be sure there's a personality fit. We enjoy the opportunity of meeting with every couple in person (or online, as needed) prior to beginning our work together. If you would like to set up a no-obligation discovery consultation, we welcome the opportunity to share our services or answer any questions you have.